Gas Interlocking / Canopy extraction


Gas interlocking the extraction system is a legally required method of keeping your kitchen staff safe.
Gas interlocking the extraction system is part of current UK gas safety regulations.

Put simply you won’t get gas through and therefore be able light any appliances – until the extraction system is running. Extraction in itself has to meet a lot of technical requirements.
Extraction system ensures that there is no build-up of harmful gasses in the work environment.

So why don’t all kitchens have this you may ask, well simply the rules and regulations

of gas interlocking are complicated so if you require more advise or guidance either give us a call or see

Black Knight can provide bespoke Stainless Steel extraction canopies, with a high specification.
We can provide a full Extraction Canopy system or individual components and fixtures, Speed controls and Filters. Fan motors, Interlocking control panels.

We offer a complete service, from design to installation, depending on your requirements.