Routine & Annual Maintanance

Opus 700 Chefs

Gas Certification and Servicing is required to be done annually.

Servicing your gas appliances regularly also optimizes its performance and life span, spotting a potential problem early means it can be repaired before it even breaks, meaning no interruption of service.

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  • Local Schools and Colleges
  • NHS trusts, Care Homes
  • Hotels, Restaurants
  • Golf and Cricket Clubs
  • Holiday Parks
  • Theme Parks

We pride ourselves on being Highly Qualified and Skilled Engineers giving you the customer peace of mind.

Our Engineers are fully gas safety registered and have:

  • Comcat 1, 2, 3 – Catering Equipment, Cookers, Fryers & Bain Maries
  • Comcat 5 – Combi Ovens
  • Mobile Catering